Cocktails With A Cause | 8/4 |8PM

We welcome you to our second annual Cocktails for a Cause!

Last year we were able to raise over $1000 for War Memorial Rehab Speech and Occupational Therapy departments. With these funds they were able purchase needed software and materials to better aid the Soo’s developmentally disabled. This includes patients of the War Memorial Rehab, students in EUP Schools, and children accessing Early On and Hiawatha Behavioral Health services. Thank you for helping !

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Autism has been a hotly debated topic on talk shows and in medical journals for the past several years. By raising autism awareness, Corner Pieces works to separate “fact from fiction” and answer the myriad of questions surrounding this mysterious disorder.


Many have said that “Education is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the autistic mind.” Corner Pieces believes that innovations in technology, coupled with core education, will greatly enhance the early diagnosis and treatment of autism. Corner Pieces advocates for the advancement of these critical components that will affect both the current and future generations of children who are at risk for developing autism.


Families of autistic children need not feel as if they are alone in their struggles. It is the mission of Corner Pieces to build a strong community base that offers families the support, encouragement and resources they need to effectively deal with the short and long-term challenges of autism.

Corner Pieces is a Michigan-based organization that was formed with help of family and friends by Ben and Tiffany Duff, the parents of a young autistic boy. When the Duffs received the heartbreaking diagnosis shortly before their son, Brian’s, second birthday in 2008, their intense efforts to improve the quality of his life led them to discover that Brian best responded to educational tools and applications on one of the most portable devices available today: the iPod Touch.


Through the establishment of Corner Pieces, the Duffs have made it their mission to provide iPods and iPads to autistic children and other youth in need who struggle with communication. The Duffs also seek to educate and inform the general public and other affected families about the causes, signs, and treatment of autism.

Autism is a disorder of neural development characterized by impaired social interaction and communication, and by restricted and repetitive behavior. It effects every one in sixty-seven children in the United States.

Funding permitted, Corner Pieces two major and ongoing projects are to:


Provide iPad and iPods to autistic children, and special needs classrooms. It is our belief that touch tablets, such as the Nabi, iPads or iPod’s are not only the most cost effective, but the most dynamic learning tool for children with learning disabilities in the last 25 years.

Provide the general public with a understanding of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and how it effects not only the lives of the children that have it, but the stress that it takes on the family unit.

Create unique events to bridge the gap between neurotypical adults and children and whose with Autism or other developmental disabilities.

  • Since 2008, we’ve donated almost 40 iPads and tablet devices
  • Sponsored several special needs inclusive camps
  • Ran successful autism awareness campaigns like Light It Blue Michigan
  • Light the famed Mackinac Bridge blue twice for autism awareness month
  • Sponsored a sensory friendly room at War Memorial Rehab Center
  • Help purchase several pieces of equipment for speech therapists at War Memorial Rehab Center
  • Helped local area special needs school classrooms with equipment and supplies
  • Hold the annual Zombie Walk For Autism for Autism Awareness
  • Multiple sensory friendly movie events
  • Sponsored the training to start a Links Program at Oxford High School
  • Sponsored an autism friendly play group
  • And much more


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