Our Partners

The Autism Alliance of Michigan

Our long-term vision is that the Autism Alliance of Michigan, through unprecedented collaboration, will help provide every child and adult with autism, and their families with access to the most effective and appropriate services so that they can maximize their potential.

Our major goals and activities are to provide ready access to evidence-based therapies and services for children and adults with autism, to provide access to and delivery of specialized training for all who live or work with individuals with autism, to enhance educational, outreach, life skills and vocational systems to allow improved quality of life. The Alliance will enhance research opportunities and encourage collaborative efforts.

The Ted Lindsay Foundation

A Mission to Find a Cure
The Ted Lindsay Foundation was established in 2001 by Ted Lindsay and John Czarnecki, the father of a nine-year-old boy with autism.

The foundation raises funds through our Annual Celebrity Golf Outings and other events, as well as through sales of autographed sports memorabilia. Since our inception, the Ted Lindsay Foundation has raised over $2,000,000 for research into the cause and cure of autism.

Our mission is to elevate public awareness in the community regarding the need for increased funding and support for children with autism. We work to raise and dispense funds to new and existing research projects that focus on the cause and treatment of autism. We also provide funding for training programs, educational programs and social services for children with autism.

In 1995 Murray D. Wikol and Nannette Wikol started the Autistic Children’s Treatment (ACT) Network to help children with autism, their families, and professionals. Their vision was that families and professionals would have a place to turn to for assistance. In 1992 their daughter, Anika, was diagnosed with autism. Murray and Nan were given only the diagnosis, no resources or referrals to guide them as they began their journey. It is because of this that they wanted to help other families.

MISSION: To provide proven and appropriate services for children with autism, while providing information related to the disorder.

In 2001 the ACT Network opened up The Early Intervention Center (EIC) in order to fulfill a portion of their mission. The EIC’s dedicated staff provides center-based services based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).